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Named after a county in Sussex, England, Chichester is primarily a farming and lumbering community. The municipality was incorporated in 1855 with John B. Poupore as its mayor.

The municipality is dominated by two small hamlets: Chichester and Nicabeau. Chichester, located just across the river from Chapeau, was once a thriving community with numerous sawmills, a grist mill, shingle mill, blacksmith shop and two hotels. Chichester now serves as more of a summer resort area, offering a grocery store and garage facilities.

Chichester claims to have the largest wooden locks in Canada. Built in the 1800's to accommodate the steamers, it was hoped that the locks would create a new means of travel on the Upper Ottawa River. Unfortunately this did not come true, and the locks still remain in the Culbute Channel of the Ottawa River.

Nicabeau, also known as Nichabong, is a picturesque hamlet located in what used to be referred to as Poupore's Limits, northwest of Chichester. It is noted for its great number of square log homes.