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Les Trois Érables. (Photo - Matthew Farfan)One of Wakefield’s most splendid Victorian landmarks is also a bed and breakfast. Now known as Les Trois Érables, the house was for many years referred to as the “Doctors” or the “Geggie” home, after two prominent local doctors who lived there in turn. Built in 1896 in the opulent neo-Queen Anne style, the house is located in the heart of Wakefield, a stone’s throw from the storied Gatineau River. Named for three enormous maple trees that shade the front garden, The balcony. (Photo - Matthew Farfan)Les Trois Érables has managed to retain all of the elegance and charm that its original builders poured into it.

The house is dominated by the picturesque: gables, verandahs, columns, stained glass, and lots of decorative woodwork, both inside and out. Even the round, tower-like spaces so typical of neo-Queen Anne architecture are incorporated into the design, in the form of circular nooks at each end of the long verandah. Surrounding the house are two acres of lawns and gardens, always so popular with the Victorians.

This is truly a spectacular home, and the interior is just as beautiful as the exterior: Tea room. (Photo - Matthew Farfan). large, comfortable bedrooms with private baths, a cozy den and library, a spacious dining room with a fireplace, a tea room, and a pantry that doubles as a gift shop. The house is furnished with lovely period furniture.

One of the bedrooms. (Photo - Courtesy of Les Trois Érables)The ambiance at Les Trois Érables is more than matched by the warmth and hospitality of its owners, Jim and Joanne, who go to great pains to make sure their guests feel at home, and who are always available to offer helpful suggestions of sights to see in the area. Breakfast at Les Trois Érables is a treat, and, depending on who’s the chef that morning (Jim or Joanne), includes such basics as eggs and sausages, homefries, French toast, delicious homemade bread, homemade jams, fresh fruit, and good strong coffee.

Breakfast time. (Photo - Courtesy of Les Trois Érables)

The menu does vary, and may include pancakes, waffles, crêpes, quiche, frittatas, or strata. In the afternoon, coffee or tea and homemade squares are served in the tea room. If guests are thirsty in the evening, complimentary tea, coffee, and soft drinks are available in the pantry.

Wakefield itself is renowned for its charm. Located a mere 30 minutes’ drive from Ottawa, the village is set amidst rolling hills on the banks of the Gatineau River, not far from Gatineau Park. The village is also blessed with a wealth of restaurants, shops, and historic sites, including a mill, a covered bridge, and numerous churches and other attractions. During the summer, the Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield Steam Train chugs into town. Its terminus is not far from Les Trois Érables, and in fact, the tea room at the B & B’s is a popular diversion for passengers on the train.

The Geggie home, in its heyday. (Photo - Gatineau Valley Historical Society)

For directions, rates, and reservations at Les Trois Érables, call: (819) 459-1118, or toll free at 1 (877) 337-2253, or email them at:, or visit their website at: