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--May 16, 2007Pontiac Museum (Photo - M. Farfan)The Pontiac Museum, which is located at the Fairgrounds in Shawville, and which is run by the volunteer Pontiac Historical Society, needs your help! The museum is housed in the former Shawville railway station, which was built in 1886 by the Pontiac Pacific Junction Railway. Home to the museum since 1976, the former station is now in need of repair. Specifically needed are repairs to the roof and work to restore two dormers on the upper floor of the building.Artist's rendition of renovated museum.According to historical society president Robert Wills,the museum needs to raise "an additional $7,000~$10,000, as soon as possible." The work, he says,is scheduled to begin in the next two weeks. "If you have the means to donate, or if you have friends who might, we need your contribution now."For more on the historic station, click here: contact the historical society, perhaps to make a much-appreciated donation, click here: