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Clarendon Historical TourIn celebration of its 150th anniversary in 2005, the Municipality of Clarendon published a booklet titled A Self-Guided Historical Tour of Clarendon, by Jo-Anne Brownlee. Clarendon, the rural township that surrounds the Town of Shawville, is rich in history, and this interesting little publication conveys that fact through well-researched and generously illustrated texts.

Beginning with a brief history of Clarendon’s early beginnings in the 1820s, the author outlines some of the subjects that have played important roles in the municipality’s development: saw and grist mills; lumbering; farming; brick making; mining; and others. She then gives a brief historical sketch of some forty-five sites of interest around the township. These include: one-room schoolhouses; cemeteries; homesteads; churches; a lime kiln; a mill; and more. Hamlets within the municipal limits are described as well: Yarm; Charteris; Moorhead; Parkman; Radford; Stark’s Corners; and Austin.

A Self-Guided Historical Tour of Clarendon is illustrated with black and white photographs, contains a map, and is available in soft-cover. The booklet may be purchased at the Clarendon Municipal Hall and at retail outlets around the Pontiac. Retail price: $5.00.