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Help! Need Info on McLaurin Sawmill

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--January 21, 2013.

Dear Editor,

In my research for my g-g-grandfather’s sawmill at East Templeton I have found details of many mills in the Quebec region near his, but rarely any mention of this mill.

His name is John McLaurin (1825-1905) and he had a sawmill on the Ottawa River, south of Ste. Rose de Lima. I don’t know the original name of his mill, but shortly after building it he partnered with Robert Blackburn and it was called McLaurin and Blackburn (approx. 1860 to 1870). When John’s son Alexander was 26 he bought out Mr. Blackburn and changed the name to McLaurin and Son (1878). After a few years Alex went into the lumber merchant business with his 3 brothers in Montreal. This company was called McLaurin Brothers. Then John retired and sold his mill, and it became East Templeton Lumber Company. In 1908 it was sold at auction.

There is a bay on the river where his mill was located that is now called McLaurin Bay.

It may seem like I know a lot about the McLaurin sawmill, but this is about everything I have, and some of it may not be completely accurate. What I don’t have is a photograph, assuming one exists. Have you read about this mill, and would you know where I could look for the elusive picture?

I trust you are the correct person to write to about this search. If you are not would you know who I can contact?

Blair MacLaurin
Dunrobin, Ontario