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Lochaber Bay Old Boys Reunion in 2012?

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--September 7, 2012.larger_old-boys-1912-v2-750.jpg

Do you know where YOUR ancestors were on September 13, 1912?

If you have Scottish ancestry from the Buckingham area, they were probably at the Old Boy's Reunion in a farmers field in the region east of Buckingham known as Lochaber Bay - having a bit of a party and a celebration!

What is remarkable about that day was the picture that was taken of 156 people of Scottish ancestry all lined up, 7 rows deep, in their Sunday Best with their families and friends and, of course, the ten Old Boys with an accumulated age of 750 years.

The description by Angus MacLachlan in his book Lochaber: My Well Loved Country Home (page 80) provides some insight into what that day was all about:

"The morning train from Ottawa bearing with it Pipe-Major MacDonald, Miss Mary Mann, the Highland Dance, and a contingent of old boys and girls was met at the station by members of the committee with conveyances, and the people were driven to the beautiful grove situated on the front part of the late John MacEachern's farm, now the the property of Fletcher MacEachern."

larger_tenoldboys.jpgWhen you see the picture of the Ten Old Boy's and the horse and buggy containing Donald McLean and Alex McCallum, you start to realize what the word 'conveyances' means in the previous description!

If you have some Scottish heritage from Lochaber Bay, like I do, you start to get rather interested in this picture of 156 people and start poking around looking for a relative. In my case, I was able to clearly see my grandfather Duncan William MacLachlan in the centre of the picture (where the focus is particularly clear) after digitizing and zooming in.
Today the Scottish presence in Lochaber Bay has largely moved on with one of the remaining vestiges of these early settlers being the Lochaber Bay Cemetery on Linda Road.

Through the help of a number of volunteers, the Lochaber Bay Cemetery Committee is starting to pull together a website collecting some of the history of the people with connections to Lochaber Bay through stories and pictures. This picture of the 156 people at the Old Boy's Reunion is captured on this website along with a digital version of Angus MacLachlan's self-published book.

This picture of the Old Boy's Reunion certainly raises a number of interesting questions:

How many people would it be possible to identify in this picture of 156?
Would it be possible to locate the relatives of a significant number of the 156 people in this picture?
Would it be possible to get a Piper, a Highland Dancer and a large group of people, with an interest in Scottish heritage, to collect in a suitable farmer's field in September 2012 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of this 1912 reunion marking approximately 200 years since the first settlers landed from Scotland?
Could we get these people to stand still long enough for a group picture taken in a similar fashion to the one taken in 1912?

If you know of any person or organization that is inspired by this idea of an "Old Boy's Reunion - 100 years later" and would like to help organize this event or participate in it, please contact the committee members at the email address below.
It would also be nice to synchronize our event with another event of interest in the region in the late summer or fall of 2012 as we get close to setting our date. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact the committee members at the email address below.

A special website has been set up to facilitate the identification of people in this picture - so check it out!

What are YOU doing September 2012 ... one hundred years later?